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Wine has been around for centuries and is loved by millions of people all over the world. No occasion is complete without a few shots of a good-quality wine. Regardless of the kind and nature of event or occasion, wine is always on the menu.  

However, it is not just an item on the menu, it’s a loyal companion. A good wine flirts with your taste buds and teases your sense of smell. Drinking it is an experience laced with emotions which is why every moment of this experience needs to be treasured.

This is where wine accessories come in. From wine decanters and aerators to wine glasses, openers, and racks, etc., each accessory serves to add value to your experience. Some of the most basic wine accessories are: 


Wine Aerators

Wine is a complex mixture of chemical compounds. Some of these compounds react with oxygen on coming in contact with the air while the others evaporate. This is why wine is usually left to sit for a while after being poured from the bottle. If you drink it immediately, you won’t be able to recognize or appreciate its flavor and taste.

A wine aerator accelerates this process. It is used to expose the wine to the air which, in turn, improves both its flavor and fragrance. Wine from an aerator tastes and smells much better than the wine poured directly from the bottle. There are two kinds of wine aerators available on the market, i.e., handheld aerators and in-bottle stoppers.


Wine Decanter

Wine decanters, although similar in function to the aerators, follow a different approach. They are used to let the wine rest for a while after being poured from the bottle into the decanter. This is what a wine decanter is. You simply pour the wine into the decanter, leave it be for some time, and then pour it into the glass when it's ready.  There are different types of decanters available on the market including novelty decanters, skull-shaped decanters, grenade decanters, globe-shaped decanters, and square glass decanters, etc.


Wine Glasses

Your choice of a wine glass is just as important as your choice of a wine decanter or aerator. The kind of glass your use for your wine has a direct effect on how it tastes. Sure, it may sound a little absurd but there is a reason why there are so many types of wine glasses available on the market. White wine glasses, red wine glasses, large Bordeaux glasses, Bourgogne glasses, specialty wine glasses, and universal glasses are examples of some of the best wine glasses out there!


Wine Openers

Good wine openers are closely connected with good wine-sipping experiences. This is because you cannot open a wine bottle without a decent wine opener. Plus, the bottle needs to be opened with care so that no residue of the cork is accidentally mixed with the wine. A high-quality wine opener would ensure that. There is quite a wide range of wine openers available on the market. From the simplest models to the most sophisticated ones, you can choose the one that’s right for you.


Wine Racks

Not only does a wine rack help you keep your wine bottles safe and out of harm's way, but it also adds to the class and style of your home. Whether you place it in the cellar or the pantry, on the floor, or on the countertop, it's an organized, safe, and classy way to store your wine bottles.


When all is said and done, the quality and kind of the wine you drink is also very important. All of these accessories can enhance your drinking experience, but your actual experience comes from the wine itself. Neither does every kind of wine need to be aerated or decanted nor does every kind of wine taste better in the same wine glass.